VMware’s latest virtualization management software supports the deployment of applications and virtual machines to Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. That doesn’t sound like a big deal—numerous vendors do the same, including Amazon itself—but for VMware, it represents a recognition that it can’t control every aspect of its customers’ data centers.

VMware has long had an aversion to supporting virtualization tools other than its own, even as rivals like Microsoft and Citrix happily built management software that could control the deployment of virtual machines using both their own hypervisors and VMware’s. VMware always had a plausible excuse in that its own vSphere virtualization platform was so widely used that supporting anything else was unnecessary—although Hyper-V’s advances are making that argument less convincing.

VMware tried to extend its dominance of the virtualization market to the cloud by signing up service providers who would use VMware infrastructure to provide all the cloud and hosting services customers need. This has not been unsuccessful, but the ubiquity of Amazon Web Services has forced VMware to add to its arsenal or miss out on a big market.

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