Those of us who live on the bleeding edge of technology are not normal. I’ve been using Windows 8, for example, on a daily basis, and while there are still bits of it that aggravate me, I’ve become more or less acclimated to its idiosyncrasies. But in less than a month, the general public will start having its first brush with Windows 8, and average PC users will suddenly encounter a strange new world that, based on my experience today, will drive them to the edge of frustration.

My wife was home sick today with bronchitis, and wanted to get some work done. But her laptop wasn’t working (my daughter had mislaid the powerbrick), so she turned to me for tech support. I gave her a notebook I had loaded with the Windows 8 RTM and Office 2013 Home preview. I showed her a few basic things, and then went back to work.

That’s right—I gave my sick wife a brand new operating system and an updated Office suite to use with 5 minutes of training. I’m surprised she didn’t call a divorce lawyer.

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