The makers of the Raspberry Pi credit card-sized computer today announced every last piece of code running on the computer’s ARM chip has been open sourced. While the computer could already run several Linux-based operating systems, not all the drivers were open source. Going fully open source prevents users from having to use drivers that are proprietary or reverse-engineered, and it should make it easier to create new Raspberry Pi-targeted OS ports.

The announcement said all the VideoCore driver code has been made available on GitHub under the 3-clause BSD license, making the Pi’s BCM2835 chip “the first ARM-based multimedia SoC with fully-functional, vendor-provided (as opposed to partial, reverse engineered) fully open-source drivers.” As of today, “everything running on the ARM is now open source.”

“Broadcom is the first vendor to open their mobile GPU drivers up in this way,” wrote Raspberry Pi Foundation lead Linux developer Alex Bradbury. “We at the Raspberry Pi Foundation hope to see others follow.”

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