Now how do I get to that bookmark for the Ars Openforum under this new UI?

Windows 8 has arrived, and with it, we released a comprehensive set of stories covering all angles of its elements in our Deep Dive. Peter Bright found that the OS compromises quite a bit, and Andrew Cunningham clocked it for performance. Here in the OpenFourm, Ars Readers are also tackling Windows 8 in the thread, “Windows 8 Discussion (And it’s here!)“. This thread contains more than 2,000 posts, and you’ll find it’s a comprehensive read that dates back to mid-September of 2011, when users were still speculating about Windows 8.

The change in UI is an issue that is central to the discussion of Windows 8. Users like XX55XX find that despite flaws, it works for them: “As for the “new interface”, Microsoft needs to make it easier to close applications for us mice and keyboard users (come on, wouldn’t an “x” in the corner hurt so much?). Furthermore, the OS has so much left to right scrolling that it is sometimes disorienting to look at after a while—you just don’t know where you are. An easy way to rectify this would be to encourage developers to include tabs at the top that lead to different menus or pages. On the Start screen, it would also help to create “buffers” between groups of tiles so that it’s like you are moving from page to page… I like the new interface, it just needs some further refinement so that it works well on both touch screens and with a mouse and keyboard.”

Even earlier in the month, as the release date grew closer, DarkReality’s hopes were not set high, “Windows 8 doesn’t seem, to me at least, to be intended to appeal to any group whose members are traditionally older than third graders. I mean, Metro/Modern looks like something that would be great in a classroom, in the 1980s, when computer literacy was not a given. I can’t imagine a lot of professionals, artists, gamers, or computer hobbyists are eagerly anticipating the 26th of October.”

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