Sandy as it appeared on Sunday.

Hurricane Sandy is shutting things down left and right: Google events, universities, public transportation, and plenty of offices (Ars not included). New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. have already had states of emergency declared and the worst of the storm is still to come.

Yes, the biggest problem is safety. Be sure to abide evacuation notices and, as some government officials will tell you, “don’t be stupid.” Power outages are also a distinct possibility for many areas affected by the storm—CBS News reported more than 67,000 were without power across 10 East Coast states this morning, CNN tweeted the number exceeded 300,000 within the last hour. But we know keeping connected is a major concern for the Ars community (and it could help anyone in case of emergency). Naturally, extreme weather tends to hit both data and talk hard.

“There are a couple of problems with wireless in a hurricane, aside from power going out to cell towers,” says Ars IT Editor (and Sandy target), Sean Gallagher (Baltimore, Maryland). “Rain fade is a big one—LTE and WiMAX bite it hard in heavy rain, as does satellite.”

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