Apple engineer Stuart Cheshire has proposed extending the existing multicast DNS (mDNS) specifications to make Bonjour work better with enterprise networks. Cheshire, the man behind Apple’s Bonjour and its underlying Zeroconf zero-configuration networking technologies, made his proposal during a meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force in Atlanta, Georgia this week, according to Network World.

Cheshire’s proposal was made in direct response to complaints from EDUCAUSE and numerous network administrators from colleges and universities all across the US. EDUCAUSE, a non-profit association for IT professionals that work in higher education environments, created a petition in August to pressure Apple to improve and expand its Bonjour technology so it can work better on  enterprise networks like those used on college campuses.

Bonjour, along with underlying standards like DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) and mDNS, enable AirPrinting from iPads to wireless printers, or streaming video from devices to Apple TVs. However, these technologies are designed to work only over a single local network subnet.

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