A few months back, we discussed different ways to skirt Internet Explorer 6 compatibility issues at work without leaving your systems wide open to malware attacks. One of our solutions from that article was Browsium Ion, which can apply different filters to your busted websites so that newer Internet Explorer versions can open sites intended for IE 6.

This solution can help IT shops still stuck with Internet Explorer 6 (and, thus, Windows XP) move to newer browser versions and operating systems, but what about shops that want to use Internet Explorer for certain internal sites, but an alternative browser like Firefox or Chrome for general browsing? What about when IT standardizes on one browser, but users demand another (or worse, install one themselves)?

Browsium wants to reduce technical and user education-related headaches for these use cases. Its new Catalyst tool, currently in a public beta, gives IT managers a console through which they can control what browsers open which websites for every computer on their network. Browsium President and COO Gary Schare took some time to walk us through the product’s features and explain just how it would help out businesses that can’t get away from their legacy websites.

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