The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project today released the beta version of Fedora version 18, nicknamed “Spherical Cow.” The Linux desktop operating system continues its use of the GNOME desktop as the default user interface, but for the first time it adds the MATE desktop as an officially supported alternative.

Or at least, it almost does. A Red Hat press release today says, “The MATE desktop is available for the first time in Fedora,” and points to a download link for the Fedora 18 beta. But upon my installing Fedora 18 in a VMware virtual machine there was no option in the login screen to switch from GNOME to MATE.

There are separate installers for versions of Fedora with the KDE, XFCE, and LXDE desktops, but none for MATE. So I took the Fedora Project’s advice and ran the “yum install @mate-desktop” command in the Fedora 18 terminal only to find that I am missing something called the “”

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