Intel Atom S1200 system-on-chip.

Intel today launched an Atom system-on-chip (SoC) line that combines extremely low power usage with server-class features, including virtualization technology and Error-Correcting Code (ECC) for higher reliability.

The Intel Atom S1200 chips are for microservers as well as storage and networking systems that need energy efficiency and enterprise features that—Intel says—you just can’t get in ARM chips. Intel called the S1200 “the world’s first 6-watt server-class processor,” and said microservers using the chip will be able to fit 1,000 nodes into a single rack.

ARM may dominate smartphones and tablets, but Intel hopes to lead the way in bringing smartphone CPUs to data centers. (As we’ve previously reported, Intel is making Atom-based SoCs for PCs, phones, and tablets as well.)

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