Two smartphones, one dual-persona phone, or none of the above?

The rise of the smartphone has turned the workplace into a bring-your-own-device kind of world. In many cases, IT shops would like more control over the devices employees use for work, even if they are employee-owned. That’s why the idea of the dual-persona smartphone—two phones on one device, separating work and personal applications—has become popular. But while dual-persona phone technology is being driven by employer demand, it turns out users want them too.

We polled Ars readers earlier this week to find out if you would like a phone that completely separates work and personal applications from each other. To be honest, we figured dual-persona phones wouldn’t be that popular because of the inconvenience of putting work applications in an entirely separate part of one’s phone. The poll results show otherwise.

The question we posed was “Would you use a dual-persona smartphone?” With 3,710 votes in our unscientific poll, 33.56 percent of readers said, “Yes, sign me up. I want a phone for work and personal stuff, but with a wall of separation between.” Another 22.37 percent said, “Yes, but only if my employer paid for it.” A further 18.54 percent said, “I’d consider a dual-persona smartphone if it’s implemented in a more user-friendly way than current versions.”

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