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This is certainly very convincing evidence.

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Arctic sea-ice loss didn't happen by chance.

Climate researchers use a new tack to try to eliminate the many variables which may have contributed to the recent extreme ice-cover loss being witnessed near the arctic poles and have discovered that only “green house emissions” can explain the current conditions at the poles.

Arctic Ice Melting

“In the end, only the increase in greenhouse gas concentration showed a physically plausible link with the observed sea-ice retreat. We expect a decreasing sea-ice cover for increasing greenhouse gas concentration, which is exactly what is observed,” Notz explains.

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In 1970, the first Earth Day inspired 20 million participants in the United States to walk out of the office and rally.

By the end of 1970, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had been born, and efforts to improve air and water quality were gaining political traction.

“It was truly amazing what happened,” Rogers said. “Blocks just tumbled.”

Read more about Earth Day on National Geographic.

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