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If you’re a gaming fan you’ve heard of the Internet Gaming Network (IGN), the premier gaming source on the Internet for online and downloadable games. IGN is also the company behind one of the most well known gaming download managers, the well known GameSpy application. So widely known is IGN that they claim to reach 1 in 4 males in the United States between the ages of 18-34. Well I’m over 34 and I know who IGN is so I’m inclined to believe that statistic.

To the point however, IGN now has an XBox 360 application! Now you can enjoy all of the best of the Internet gaming world on your XBox 360 through XBox Live!

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I just read about this so I’m sorry to say I can’t give you all the details right now but I’m so excited about it I had to post it before I forget about!

I’ve been developer desktop applications (including video games) for over 15 years now and I was excited about Microsoft giving independent and amateur game developers a real chance to develop titles for the XBox 360 with their XNA Game Development kit.  I’m still working on this but as I’ve taken a recent job working for a web design company I’ve been thrilled with the rate at which Google+ has been gaining popularity.  Well this just takes the cake now that they’re opening the doors for real native and hardware accelerated games which should allow game developers to create games of the same caliber as PC desktop games with their Native Client API for Google+.

I just saw one example of this new game development interface with the title, “GT Racing: Motor Academy”.

Read more about it on News, “Google+ and Native Client: A safe haven for hardcore game makers?

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I’m not “pro-IBM”, I just happened to be digging through the IBM site (actually because I’m looking for a firmware update), but found some really cool stuff on their site.

When I ran across this article it made me think about how the culture at the office had changed since the advent of social networking and I realized how important this media is now to the way we think and act.  Especially as of late with terms like “flash mob” and “crowd sourcing” becoming a regular buzz word in the media more and more society is tending towards random congregations at the “drop of a hat” because of something we heard on Twitter or Facebook.  Of course the most recent event which caught my eye was the story about a “flash mob” appearance because of a posting on “Reddit”.

The following article really sums up how effective this media has become in recent years and I believe underlines one of the key principles which successful technology companies in the last 30 years have already proven to be effective corporate cultures like Microsoft, Lucas Arts, Google, etc.  The key to being successful these days is to be socially engaging and foster communication and a sense of community.  At least that’s what I got out of it.

A social business isn’t just a company that has a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. A social business is one that embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community throughout its organization—both internally and externally.

Read more on the IBM site, “Social Business“.

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Here’s an exciting new project from IBM that could generate renewed interest in batter powered vehicles. If successful, it seems like this technology could lead to cheaper and more environmentally friendly solutions for generating power for homes as well, though I’m probably getting ahead of myself by saying thing. Check it out and you be the judge!

How it works: During discharge (driving), oxygen from the air reacts with lithium ions, forming lithium peroxide on a carbon matrix. Upon recharge, the oxygen is given back to the atmosphere and the lithium goes back onto the anode.

Read more on the IBM site, “The Battery 500 Project”.

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Yes, it’s late for Easter but apparently the engineers at Google are unaware of this.  In any case, you must now defend your Google searches from dreaded Zerglings.  Read more about it on LockerGnome,  Google Easter Egg Evokes Zerg Rush on Search Results.

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Will Apple’s growth continue in China? Or won’t it?

This is a very interesting thread on the future of Apple in one of the fasting growing mobile phone markets (still) in the world. If I may quote myself here as saying the following,

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but I also have to point out that Apple is in last place when it comes to “Cloud” technologies which is another upcoming technology that should spur on innovation in mobile phone software development.

I think the investors today don’t understand how critical software development is to any hardware platform these days. Google is far superior to Apple when it comes to fostering the development community for so many reasons, not the least of which is the barrier to entry. The cost to develop for Google which includes the Google Marketplace, Google Apps and Android is practically zero.

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Apparently this is fall out from the cyber attacks from the group called “Anonymous”.  That’s purely speculation on my part as the article doesn’t even mention Anonymous.

FBI: Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Internet in July | Sci-Tech Today.

The theory was first developed by Karl Pribram in collaboration with David Bohm (a protege of Albert Einstein’s). Holographic Memory (or as Pribram and Bohm refer to it Holonomic Memory) is based on the principle that memory is stored in the brain in much the same way that information is stored on a three-dimensional holographic image similar to those found on your credit cards.

Read more about Holographic Memory on Applied Cognitive Science.

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Welcome to our Web Log (2012)

I’m Looking for some inspiring words to kick of this new project but I’m having a hard time with that right now so we’ll just start off with “Welcome!”  I’ll leave this welcome message as a place holder here because I really don’t like the WordPress standard welcome post.