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What’s Wrong With Our Food System

This is a very good message from an 11 year old kid that knows more about what’s wrong with genetically engineered food in our food supply than most adults to which I’ve talked.

I’m not a “save the whales” fanatic but I have to take notice when an 11 year old kid is pointing out to me what kind of Frankenstein creations science is dumping into our food supply chains to help solve world hunger and make them a tidier profit.

Besides, he’s actually pretty entertaining. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Popocatepetl Erupts Today

Popocatepetl, one of the most violent volcanoes in Mexico, just outside Mexico City erupted today spewing ash and smoke into the sky. 2600 villagers were evacuated from the mountain area by the National Disaster Prevention Centre and local law officials. Eruptions had been occurring over night and had stopped. However, the rumbling suddenly started again this morning around 5am.

An interesting side note is that the last time this volcano erupted was December 25, 2005.

Read more about it on The Press Association hosted on Google News.

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