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Why Metro?

In case anyone is wondering why the new look and feel for Windows 8, I have a few bits of interesting information you might want to consider while pondering this question. Aside from the obvious which is just to provide something new to the masses to make their operating system look like it’s evolving here are some very real factors that might have played a part in their design decision.

ARM is becoming a significant if not dominant computing platform in the world today as many manufacturers have signed up to create ARM based platforms. So in case you’re not up on the technology yet here are a few key points.

First of all ARM is not a single chip or chipset. It’s actually a hardware architecture which puts RISC at the center of the technology. RISC and CISC have long been competing hardware processing unit design philosophies. The principle behind RISC is to create processing units that have very simple instruction sets so that software can be designed as efficiently as possible by optimizing and balancing mathematical operations with memory access operations. At the very core of software development mathematical and memory fetch operations are really the only things that a processing unit is concerned about.

What is the current adoption rate of RISC in the hardware manufacturing market and who are the drivers of this technology? Well interestingly enough, although RISC and the Adavnced RISC Machine (ARM) architecture have been around since the 1980s, a very significant driving force behind RISC today is IBM. You’ll see these three initials pop up in one RISC based project after another since they first conceived of the PowerPC architecture.

I know everyone equates PowerPC with Apple who was actually one of the principal partners in driving this technology with the Apple PowerPC line of computers.  Also, at the time Apple was always associated with Motorola who was the CPU manufacturer favored by Apple at the time.  However it was IBM that assisted Apple and Motorola to create a new platform to rival the existing dominant Microsoft and Intel alliance.  Those of you who remember the original feud between Microsoft, Intel and IBM will recall the PS/2 architecture which failed just years before the first PowerPCs hit the market.  The PowerPC was actually the result of an alliance between Apple, IBM and Motorola known as AIM.

The reason I mention RISC technology is that I’ve just discovered that the power behind the XBox 360 is a triple core power house using three 3.2Ghz PowerPC cores. So if anyone is wondering what happened to the PowerPC well it’s still alive and well! Also, as a side note you might be interested in knowing that the Playstation 3 also uses RISC technology with a slightly different configuration. The PS3 uses a RISC based technology they’ve called, “Cell” which was the result of another IBM alliance between Sony, Toshiba and IBM known as “STI”.

So, keeping all of this in mind, it seems like little more than a coincidence that the same user interface look and feel that Microsoft has baked into the XBox 360 and Windows Mobile 7 is now finding it’s way back into the main desktop user interface in the form of the Metro UI in the Microsoft Windows 8. It seems like a statement to me that Microsoft recognizes the dominance of the once underdog technology RISC and are preparing themselves for mobile finally!


Life Sized Mechwarrior

Just what every kid wants this Christmas! A life sized mechwarrior!  Good luck Santa Claus, getting this robot down my chimney!

If you’re a gaming fan you’ve heard of the Internet Gaming Network (IGN), the premier gaming source on the Internet for online and downloadable games. IGN is also the company behind one of the most well known gaming download managers, the well known GameSpy application. So widely known is IGN that they claim to reach 1 in 4 males in the United States between the ages of 18-34. Well I’m over 34 and I know who IGN is so I’m inclined to believe that statistic.

To the point however, IGN now has an XBox 360 application! Now you can enjoy all of the best of the Internet gaming world on your XBox 360 through XBox Live!

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If you’re still saving up for that XBox 360 or just can’t justify the cost of a $300 game system you might be happy to learn that Microsoft is planning on launching a new promotion which will include an XBox 360 4GB system for $99.  Apparently this will come with a bundle that includes a $15/mo. subscription to XBox Live Gold.

Read more about it on Geek-O-System,  “Report: Microsoft Planning To Launch $99 Xbox With Subscription Plan

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Capcom and Nintendo, the gaming giants from Japan have enjoyed a long life at the top of the Gaming Hill with their Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64 gaming consoles. In the Generation X days of America I can remember a Nintendo or Super Nintendo at everyone’s house. Though I personally always tended toward the leading edge consoles like Sega Genesis, I have to admit that Nintendo has always been a much more popular product.

But what about today? XBox 360 & Sony Playstation are hands down the leaders in gaming consoles today. The Wii although it has some interesting features and still maintains a presence in living rooms around the United States is definitely not as popular as it’s predecessors.

Keiji Inafune visits San Francisco for Game Developers Conference in March.

“Man, Japan is over. We’re done. Our game industry is finished,” said Inafune, then a game producer at Capcom, at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009. Shortly after those remarks, the creator of the character Mega Man and producer of hit games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet quit Capcom to start his own game development studios. Free of corporate control, he has continued to raise eyebrows with his cataclysmic comments about Japan.

Read more about it on Wired, “Q&A: Mega Man Creator Wants Japan to Admit Failure“.

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Schemer for IGN

This is a very cool site I found from a posting on Google Plus that I look forward to frequenting in the near future.

IGN is the #1 source for video game, entertainment, and technology news and info. Check out our schemes for recommendations on cool spots and things to do related to games, movies, TV, gadgets, and more.

Check out, Schemer for IGN.


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