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Why Didn’t Germany Build An Atom Bomb?

This is a very interesting question in light of information I’ve just translated from a another blogger.  According to this post which I translated from Bulgarian, the German High Command rejected the idea of creating a nuclear weapon in favor of research into rocketry.  We know from history that it was the German V1 and V2 rocket programs that were the birth place of our modern space program here in the United States.

I invite you to read the following blog post and form your own opinion of what might’ve happened if Germany hadn’t redirected their focus on a delivery system rather than continuing research in the nuclear program.

n September 1941, when the victory of the German Wehrmacht appeared on all states as final (battles fought at the foot of the Soviet capital of Moscow and Leningrad blockade was imprisoned), the young and talented German physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate Werner arrived in Heynzenberg occupied the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen city where his teacher Niels Bohr. This meeting seems to be the crucial in the history of the development project for the creation of nuclear weapons in Nazi Germany, because after a conversation with Niels Bohr, Werner Heyzenberg not be refused, and continued his studies in favor of Nazi-related uranium project. But what the two scientists have spoken? This has not as yet become known. After the war, German physicist provide the public with several versions of a conversation, and Niels Bohr refused to comment on the case and took with him the secret to the grave. It is only known that three months after the return of Werner Heyzenberg Copenhagen, German supreme military command refused the implementation of nuclear projects, which in Germany at the time, regardless of country occupied by it, or not enough resources or staff. Instead of building a bomb it was decided to develop research related to the creation of a new aviation and rocketry. And today is still an open question whether the German physicists were unable or did not ask to create the atomic bomb.

Translation provided by Google Translate.  In the event that you speak Bulgarian, you are welcome to visit the original author’s blog.

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In 1970, the first Earth Day inspired 20 million participants in the United States to walk out of the office and rally.

By the end of 1970, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had been born, and efforts to improve air and water quality were gaining political traction.

“It was truly amazing what happened,” Rogers said. “Blocks just tumbled.”

Read more about Earth Day on National Geographic.

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