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For a brief time, people trying to visit google.ro on Wednesday were connected to this page instead.

Romanian websites for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, and other operators were briefly redirected to a rogue server on Wednesday. The redirect is most likely a result of a decade-old hacking technique that underscores the fragility of the Internet’s routing system.

For a span of one to several hours on Wednesday morning, people typing Google.ro, Yahoo.ro, and Romanian-specific addresses for other sites connected to a website that was purportedly run by an Algerian hacker, according to numerous security blog posts, including this one from Kaspersky Lab. Researchers said the most likely explanation for the redirection is a technique known as DNS poisoning, in which domain name system routing tables are tampered with, causing domain names to resolve to incorrect IP addresses.

DNS poisoning first came to light in the mid-1990s when researchers discovered that attackers could inject spoofed IP addresses into the DNS resolvers belonging to Internet service providers and large organizations. The servers would store the incorrect information for hours or days at a time, allowing the attack to send large numbers of end users to websites that install malware or masquerade as banks or other trusted destinations. Over the years, DNS server software has been updated to make it more resistant to the hack, most recently in 2008, when numerous providers introduced fixes to patch a DNS cache poisoning vulnerability discovered by researcher Dan Kaminsky.

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FORTUNE — Microsoft is snatching up business social networking tool Yammer – a.k.a Facebook  for the workplace – for $1.2 billion.  This acquisition hints at a major shift in the way the planet’s largest companies use and choose software.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the Yammer purchase shows “Microsoft may be trying to plug holes in its ubiquitous Office software.”  It goes much farther than that.  Enterprise software – the tools used by companies to do everything from process payroll to monitor customer leads and make spreadsheets – is right now in the midst of an unprecedented renaissance and “full-blown reawakening,” according to no less an authority than Peter Levine, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital gurus that have invested in Facebook (FB), Twitter and Zynga (ZNGA).

The proof?  In just the last month, enterprise giants including Oracle (ORCL), Salesforce (CRM) and now Microsoft (MSFT) have shelled out $2.25 billion for social business upstarts like Vitrue, Buddy Media and Yammer.  The spending spree reflects the fact that enterprise software is swiftly evolving and tech’s titans are fighting to keep up.

Still Saving For An XBox 360?

If you’re still saving up for that XBox 360 or just can’t justify the cost of a $300 game system you might be happy to learn that Microsoft is planning on launching a new promotion which will include an XBox 360 4GB system for $99.  Apparently this will come with a bundle that includes a $15/mo. subscription to XBox Live Gold.

Read more about it on Geek-O-System,  “Report: Microsoft Planning To Launch $99 Xbox With Subscription Plan

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Microsoft pushes to get more support for the Windows 8 platform in the Windows Store.  Read all about it on CNET.

Developers in 38 countries around the world can now submit Metro-style apps for Windows 8 to Microsoft’s Windows Store. The tech company announced today that it is forging ahead with its goal to “deliver a global service” with its app store.

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