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Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! Great interview! Although nothing is really resolved and there may not be any revelations in this video it’s important to see how much Wall Street continues to make life worse for America rather than helping anyone but the very wealthy that can afford to speculate on oil prices.

I think that it also underscores how pointless it is to believe that we’re really dependent on oil and rather that it’s Wall Street that is responsible for the ridiculous fluctuations of gas prices at the pump.

What will they do when they have to give up their little game of “bump the barrel” and other commodities like solar panels, organic fuels and hydrogen power become the primary sources of energy?

I say let them keep their oil!


Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Apparently Wall Street traders are looking like they have egg on their face as they’ve just been told they have invested roughly $1.2 million dollars in a fake robotic stock picking scam.

The crime allegedly perpetrated by a couple of 16 year old kids over seas in Britain seems reminiscent of recent hoaxes which have already damaged the world’s financial markets and has sent the G7 reeling from the punch.

The Hunters drew roughly 75,000 investors, who were promised stock tips generated by a sophisticated program. The investors, most of them in the United States, paid at least $1.2 million for newsletters revealing the robot’s insights and a “home version” of the robot software.

Read more about it on Yahoo! Financial.

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