Amazing Parkour Exhibition

Parkour (French pronunciation: [paʁˈkuʁ]) (abbreviated PK) is a physical discipline and non-competitive sport which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles. Developed in France by David Belle, the main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping. Parkour practitioners are known as “traceurs”.

Parkour’s modern history began in the 1920s, though similar movements can be found in the Eastern martial arts ninjutsu and qing gong. Georges Hébert began teaching the fundamental movements related to parkour during this time period, and eventually the training became the standard for the French military. David and Raymond Belle would expand on Hébert’s work, and David would eventually found the Yamakasi group, the first group dedicated to parkour.


Apple’s New Deal – 1997

This as an interesting flashback to the 90s when Apple was still getting back on it’s feet. How ironic that Microsoft actually helped Apple get back into the technology game with $150 million dollar investment.

Also, interesting Microsoft had a vested interested in Facebook succeeding but we’ll leave that story for another time.

XBox 360 Goes Mobile!

This is a very cool look at a soon to be released Windows 8 tablet hardware reference platform using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 ARM implementation.

According to the demonstrator, Microsoft has ported the XBox 360 game engine to the ARM platform to deliver gaming console quality entertainment to mobile platforms unlike anything else on the market today!

Cubify – Home 3D Printing

We’ve seen 3D technologies crash onto the scene in everything from re-released Hollywood movies and 3D video cameras for your smart phones to 3D television for your home entertainment center. Now, enter 3D printing technology for your home computer workstation. Grandma’s sewing machine has nothing on this new 3D home printer which is very reminiscent of the original HP LaserJet printers when they first hit the consumer electronic market in the 1980s and costing around about the same price. At just over $1200 dollars they are not going to be for every home, but I can see that this printer will definitely fit a niche of early adopters and home inventor’s that need a quick turn around for prototyping.

As reported on KTLA, there are already masses of independent trinket vendors jumping on the bandwagon to make everything from home grown cell phone covers to netted rubber or plastic gloves.

If I had $1200 to put down on one of these right now I’d be right there in line waiting for it to be released tomorrow, May 25, 2012. If you’re interested in pre-ordering your Cubify, visit their website and place an order today!

Kitty Playing With Big Fish!

Okay, I know you’re thinking that I must be stupid because everyone knows that dolphins are not fish. Well it did get you to check out this post though didn’t it!?

Anyway, if you watch the video I’m sure you’ll be happy you did!

Just a little reminder that in a technology age, nature never ceases to cause wonder and awe.

Can you say, Awwww? 🙂

ASUS PadFone

This is a great idea. A touch pad docking station for a phone. Now you can have the best of both worlds in mobile technology! Check out the ASUS PadFone.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! Great interview! Although nothing is really resolved and there may not be any revelations in this video it’s important to see how much Wall Street continues to make life worse for America rather than helping anyone but the very wealthy that can afford to speculate on oil prices.

I think that it also underscores how pointless it is to believe that we’re really dependent on oil and rather that it’s Wall Street that is responsible for the ridiculous fluctuations of gas prices at the pump.

What will they do when they have to give up their little game of “bump the barrel” and other commodities like solar panels, organic fuels and hydrogen power become the primary sources of energy?

I say let them keep their oil!

Man’s Best Friend

You’ve never seen a dog so dutiful in guarding your bike or so conveniently able to hop on the back of your bike when you’re ready to go. Trust me you’ll enjoy this video!

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What’s hot on Google+ right now? Check out the never before seen director’s cut of Empire Strikes Back!

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Zombie Insurance

In case you haven’t heard, Zombie Insurance is required by law! Watch this video for details!

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