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Much like the BMW i3 Concept car which features such innovative green technologies and urban driving advancements such as electric power, light weight construction materials and a dynamic instrument cluster that’s straight out of a science fiction movie the BMW i8’s augmented power plant doubles the horse power and it’s new aerodynamic look is sure to please sports car enthusiasts as one of the best looking new hybrids on the market. This concept car is due to hit the streets in 2014.

BMW took their EfficientDynamics series one step further by adding a “plug-in” 3 cylinder combustion engine which pushes the effective output of the combined power plant to 354 horsepower. The BMW i8 boasts all of the style, efficiency and state of the art technology and a whopping 87.12 MPG.  That’s savings you can take to the bank!

Well it just gets better from there.  Check it out on the BMW EfficientDynamics site.

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Kitty Playing With Big Fish!

Okay, I know you’re thinking that I must be stupid because everyone knows that dolphins are not fish. Well it did get you to check out this post though didn’t it!?

Anyway, if you watch the video I’m sure you’ll be happy you did!

Just a little reminder that in a technology age, nature never ceases to cause wonder and awe.

Can you say, Awwww? 🙂

ASUS PadFone

This is a great idea. A touch pad docking station for a phone. Now you can have the best of both worlds in mobile technology! Check out the ASUS PadFone.

Man’s Best Friend

You’ve never seen a dog so dutiful in guarding your bike or so conveniently able to hop on the back of your bike when you’re ready to go. Trust me you’ll enjoy this video!

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Next Generation Reusable Spacecraft

This video demonstrates a very impressive new reusable spacecraft technology. You will see a short vertical take off and landing maneuver which hopefully will prove advantageous for this craft design as it will be serviceable and reusable quick in between launches.

The Blue Origin is just one of several new experimental spacecraft designs which are being researched and developed by the private sector in the United States to fill the gap left by NASA’s retired space shuttle program. Read more about them on Geek-O-System, “How the United States Will Return to Space

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What’s hot on Google+ right now? Check out the never before seen director’s cut of Empire Strikes Back!

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Zombie Insurance

In case you haven’t heard, Zombie Insurance is required by law! Watch this video for details!

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Sen. Sanders talks about the senate voting to pass the Postal Reform bill on The Ed Show.

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This is a very good message from an 11 year old kid that knows more about what’s wrong with genetically engineered food in our food supply than most adults to which I’ve talked.

I’m not a “save the whales” fanatic but I have to take notice when an 11 year old kid is pointing out to me what kind of Frankenstein creations science is dumping into our food supply chains to help solve world hunger and make them a tidier profit.

Besides, he’s actually pretty entertaining. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Adafruit RFC Shield of Arduino

Demonstration of how to apply the Adafruit RFC shield to an Arduino development kit.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Arduino, this is one of the fastest growing amateur electronics kits which can be purchased at popular electronics outlets like Fry’s Electronics.

Parallax and Arduino both offer basic stamp kits and micro controllers for anything from computer controlled climate control systems to robotics.

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